Goodsearch and Goodshop for the Library – no extra cost!

Online shopping is the best invention since sliced bread!! Now it’s even better! Because now every time you shop online you can earn money for the Library. The Library will earn pennies just through your searches and more importantly, the Library will get a percentage of your purchase! Up to 30% of every purchase will go to the Library.

How, you ask? Easy! Through these 3 simple steps:

1. Go to
2. Click on the “Choose a Cause” box, under “who do you want to help?”, type in Woburn Public Library and press Enter.

3. Choose the goodshop tab and type in or pick the store in which you want to shop.

THAT’S IT! Just shop like you normally do.

Here’s some incentive for you: Many of the listed stores even offer coupons and deals. COUPONS AND DEALS!!

If you shop from tablet or smartphone, there’s a goodto-go app.

Please take advantage of this very easy way to help the Library earn some much-needed money while saving some money yourself. Click here to get started.

Goodsearch is a search engine that gives donations to designated charities every time you use it to make a search.  All you have to do is visit the website ( and choose the Woburn Public Library as your charity in the link directly under the search bar. Then, every time you use GoodSearch to browse the Internet the company will make a small donation to the Woburn Public Library.

Chateau Gift Cards Donation

Gift cards are a great way to say hello, happy birthday, happy holidays or even just to say thank you. Why not send a great message and give back to the library, too?  If you buy gift cards to The Chateau, Woburn Public Library will receive 5% of the proceeds.  Just purchase the cards online via the Community Giving page under the “give back gift card”.  Then select Woburn Public Library as the Community Sponsor.