New Champion for Woburn

Access to free life-long learning for all Woburn’s citizens has a new champion in the city.

Over the past several months a number of Woburn citizens and Woburn Public Library supporters have been meeting to strategize about ways to support ongoing and future educational and cultural Library programs as well as the Library’s renovation and expansion plans. The outcome of these meetings has been the decision to establish a Woburn Public Library Foundation. Among this group, interested citizens have now volunteered to be Directors of this Foundation.

“No community values education and equal access to education more than Woburn,” newly elected President Larry Rideout said.
“The Foundation and its members are enthusiastic about advancing our Library’s mission.”

Over the summer the Foundation formalized its structure and rules and elected officers. The Directors and Officers are listed below.
Eileen Doherty, Director
James Foley, Director
Luke Griffin, Director
Sue Klawans, Director
Sheila Tracey McElhiney, Director
Connie McGilvary, Director
Claire Murphy, Director and Clerk
Elaine Conley Pierce, Director
Don Queenin, Director and Treasurer
Larry Rideout, Director and President
Lila Tocci, Director

The Foundation’s Mission statement highlights the importance of the limitless opportunities that free access to information offers for the future of our community. A strong and vibrant public library provides a world of knowledge and resources, which empowers a community to build its future. The Woburn Public Library Foundation’s mission is to raise funds for the Library’s capital renovation, expansion, and for its future needs.

“Together, Foundation members are working on a plan to create a development program to support the Library’s endeavors,” Rideout said. “While there are many more steps to take, we are committed to working hard to achieve a strong, vibrant, and functional 21st Century Library able to provide programs and services to all of Woburn’s growing number of citizens”, he added.

The Woburn-based Foundation is happy to speak with other like-minded businesses and citizens about this mission. The Foundation’s phone number is 781-281-2121 and email is