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Story Hour

Information and Guidelines:

* Sign-up required to fill 15 spaces in the toddler (2½–3 years old) group, and 15 spaces in the preschooler (4-5 years old) group

* Sign-up usually takes place in mid-October and mid-March. A short waiting list will also be accepted.

* The toddler (2½–3 years old) group meets Thursday mornings at 9:30 a.m. The program runs for 30-45 minutes.

* The preschooler (4-5 years old) group meets Thursday mornings at 11:00 a.m. The program runs for 30-45 minutes.

Programs run for 5-8 weeks, depending upon holidays and school vacations, during which times storyhours are not held.

Storyhour is meant for preschool children ages 2 ½ through 5. Younger siblings may attend with their older sibling and parent at the parent’s discretion. Please be aware, however, that children younger than 2 ½ often do not have the maturity to sit and listen to stories.  Here are guidelines for parents to make sure your child gets the most from storyhour.

1.      Each storyhour will include at least two books, which will be read to the children. More books and/or songs and fingerplays will be included depending upon the attention span of the audience. Each week will revolve around a story theme (farm animals, Mother Goose, silly tales, weather, seasons, etc.)

2.      Children under 3 should sit with you. If a child of any age is unable to concentrate and becomes noisy, wanders, cries, or fidgets, you are asked to move toward the back of the room so that other children won’t become distracted. When the fidgety child settles down a little more, he or she can come back to the group.

3.      Please be sure to visit the bathroom (and change dirty diapers!) before storyhour so your child will be comfortable.