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Computer Policy

Guidelines for Use of Library Computers

In an effort to provide equitable access to our Internet computers, please read and adhere to the following guidelines. If you need assistance, please ask a librarian for help.

Registration for Library Card Holders

• Registration for 10-minute Express Internet computer use is available with your valid library card number at the Express Internet computer in the Reference Department of the library.
• Registration for 30-minute Internet computer use is available only via our Signup computer in the Reference Department of the library.
• You must enter your valid library card number at the Signup computer to access the library’s Internet computers.
• After you are assigned a specific Internet computer, you must confirm your library card number at that computer within 5 minutes, or the software program will delete your registration and assign the Internet computer to the next registered patron.
• You will receive a warning 5 minutes before your time expires. Under certain conditions, your time may be extended by 10 minutes.

Registration for Guests

• If you are a Massachusetts resident, but do not have a Minuteman Library Card, you may either register your home library card at the Main Desk or obtain a Woburn library card.  Massachusetts residents must have a library card to use the library’s computers.
• If you are visiting from outside of Massachusetts please see the Reference Desk to be signed up for a computer as a Guest.  Photo identification will be required.

• Only one user per computer. Please do not share the computer with other patrons.
• Please be mindful and respectful of other patrons. Loud or disruptive behavior will result in the temporary loss of computer privileges.
• Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children. The library has a Safe Child Policy, which is available for review at the Reference Desk.

• Please check what you will be printing with Print Preview to avoid printing unwanted pages.
• Printing is twenty (20) cents per page.
• Payment is required in advance to print at the printing station.  After paying (cash only), computer users can release and print their documents.
• Only black & white printing is available.

Technical Difficulties
• If you experience technical difficulties with a computer and/or printer, please notify staff immediately so staff can address the problem.
• Please do not attempt to correct a computer problem yourself.