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Library Accessibility

Located near Woburn center, the Woburn Public Library is on two MBTA bus routes, the 134 and the 354. Two hour parking is available on the street and in the Abbott Street parking lot adjacent to the Library. Behind the Library near the Annex building, as well as the area near Library Field, has unrestricted parking. Directly behind the Library, to the far right as you enter the driveway, is van accessible handicapped parking.

Visible from Pleasant Street, the main entrance of the Woburn Public Library is located within a columned portico which features a stone bench and memorial plaque. A rear entrance, with a graded threshold, provides direct access to the Children’s Room located on the lower level. An intercom is located at this door for anyone requiring assistance into the Children’s Room. To the far right rear of the building (near the handicapped parking) is a handicapped accessible entrance which is monitored by the staff through an intercom system. Upon arrival, simply use the intercom located by the door to alert staff. A staff member will meet you and direct you to the elevator. The elevator will bring you to the rear of the main floor of the building.